JCPS Approves Academy Project Supporting Males of Color

June 27th, the Jefferson County Board of Education approved a plan to proceed with a Males of Color Academy. The program will be modeled after a similar program at Lexington’s Carter G. Woodson Academy. JCPS has brought in Woodson’s dean of students, Rosz Akins, as a consultant on the project.

Louisville radio station WFPL recently interviewed JCPS Chief Equity Officer Dr. John Marshall regarding the project. An excerpt from the interview can be found below.

WFPL: “On any concerns people may have about separating young boys of color from other classmates:”

Dr. Marshall: “I’m concerned with the outcomes and the status and the station at which our males of color are in currently. My concern and the concern of the community is, what are we going to do for our males of color? With that being the epitome of my concern, I definitely want to make sure that these boys are put in a position to understand who they are, how they got here, and the greatness that they have contributed to the world.”

On what can be learned from the Carter G. Woodson Academy in Lexington:

“One of the things that is very impressive about the Woodson academy and the Ron Brown College Preparatory in D.C. — both of which I have visited — there is a culture and climate there of acceptance. There is a culture and climate there of pride. And at both of these schools, there is an Afrocentric lens, or a multicultural lens that sometimes is void of our curriculum. And inside that, these students are starting to see and recognize who they are through being taught different things.”

The full article can be found here, including audio and other resources.

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